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Skin Treatments:

  • Professional Skin Peels

  • Hydrafacials

  • Phototherapy

  • Acne / Pigmentation

  • Skin Tightening & Skin Rejuvenation

Do you suffer from acne and blemishes? This can be quite painful and leave visible acne scars and spots. Do not be alarmed! At Refresh MD we offer skin care treatments capable of not only clearing active acne but reducing outbreaks helping to maintain and control healthy skin. Furthermore, we not only clear acne, we can get rid of those unwanted scars associated with it!


Acne is derived from an overproduction of sebum in your oil glands which becomes clogged in the pores resulting in a plug. This plug then becomes infected with bacteria resulting in swelling and the formation of acne. Acne comes in many different forms ranging from blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.


Through effective medical grade skin care treatments, our expert Medical Practitioners can establish an effective treatment plan to combat active acne and scarring. At Refresh MD, we use only the top of the line Medical Grade Skin Peels offered by leading Physicians! Our Medical Grade Peels consist of natural lactic acids which prove to be highly effective in treating active acne, an excellent solution without having to use prescription medications with lingering side effects.


Medical grade peels including Hydrafacials with Hydrodermabrasion and Phototherapy (light therapy), are all successful medical aesthetic procedures which exfoliate dead surface layers of skin cells allowing decongestion of clogged pores while lifting and fading scars, dark spots or sun damage. Skin peels and Aqua Peels with Blue and Red Light Therapy will dry out active acne and dissolve sebum clogs by destroying the "p" bacterium causing it. While deep cleansing and extracting, there are other benefits to be reaped with one or a combination of these medical grade treatments! Skin peels, Hydrafacials and Phototherapy help lift and fade pigmented spots and lesions, often evening out the skin tone, minimizing enlarged pores, making it appear visually smoother, while stimulating collagen and elastin to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well.


Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments extend to our application of Ultrasonic, Radio Frequency and Microcurrent technologies, all of which will give your skin a boost by helping to smooth, firm, tone, tighten and lift the skin while also helping to minimize the appearance of unwanted cellulite. One or a combination of these Skin Rejuvenation Treatments all work based on the concept of using their patented technologies to penetrate the skin's layers to either promote, induce and stimulate collagen & elastin formation or to lift and tone the muscles.


Get that Radiant, Glowing Skin you want now!


At Refresh MD Spawe will give you a fresh rejuvenated look that exudes self confidence!

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