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Professional expert staff consisting of certified, registered and licenced medical aestheticians, technicians, nurses, and doctors.

Our Team, Products, Treatments


At Refresh MD Spa, our professional group of staff consists of Certified, Registered and Licensed Technicians, Medical Aestheticians, Nurses and Doctors, all of which have had several years’ experience in the industry treating clients. Our expertise stems not only from our experience and education, but from our extensive advanced protocol training that we constantly upkeep to ensure that all of our clients are receiving the best possible safety, care and attention they require.​

All Cosmetic Injectable treatments require a Medical Assessment prior to treatment to ensure that there are no health contraindications to having the procedure done. The cosmetic injections are performed by a Registered Nurse who is also an Advanced Cosmetic Nurse Injector with several years training and experience performing cosmetic injections, using the most up to date advanced cosmetic techniques and approaches. Our injectable products are all high grade products consisting of lines from Allergan, Juvederm, and Teosyal. We focus more specifically on extended lines that utilize the latest innovative dermal filler technology which allows the fillers to move and expand with the skin, not only offering more superior physical results, but extensively longer lasting results as well!​

Permanent Makeup procedures are all performed by a Certified Permanent Makeup Specialist/Technician who is also an Educator and Trainer in the Industry for over 10 years now! We uphold to all the latest micropigmentation techniques and devices while ensuring a high quality of demagnetized pigment is used which minimizes risks of irritations and reactions.

Any individuals looking to get aesthetic hair devices such as hair extensions must undergo a consultation with our Certified Hair Extensions Specialist/Stylist. She has had over 5 years’ experience specializing in Hair installations and only utilizes the latest and safest approaches to aesthetic hair procedures! All hair is Premium Grade Brazilian Human Remy Hair, 100% cuticles intact to, double drawn and multi-dimensional available.

At Refresh MD you can rest assured you are in good hands! Our Medical Consultants are here to help develop specific treatment plans to focus on achieving your intended goal and desired results.

All treatments are performed using only the most top of the line products and technology for your safety and convenience. Through advanced non-invasive and non-surgical procedures, our Expert Medical Aesthetic’s Team is here to help you. 

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