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Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

Refresh MD Spa - Wrinkle relaxing treatments
Maintain your youth and have the refreshed look you desire ...


When using muscle/wrinkle relaxing injections, the appearance of the face not only can be improved, but the interactions one has with others suddenly take a turn for the better, as the face becomes more relaxed, calmer and loses those negative expressions that come with 20th century living.


Worry lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles can all be dramatically reduced by injecting tiny amounts of anti-wrinkle injections with a very fine needle. Wrinkle Relaxing treatments are so natural that everyone notices, but nobody knows!

Wrinkle relaxing injections have come along way as now not only can these quick injections be used to soften lines and wrinkles, but they can also be used to contour and slim the face while also reducing neck band lines!


Many people try anti-wrinkle creams that are very expensive and do not achieve the desired results. Wrinkles cannot be treated on the skin’s surface because wrinkles result from the overuse of facial muscles, and as such, these muscles need to be treated with anti-wrinkle injections to eliminate and reduce facial lines. Now anti-wrinkle injections have become very popular in Canada, and are the fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic treatment at present.

Make an appointment for free consultation to discuss anti-wrinkle injections. This treatment takes less than ten minutes, and the results are seen within three days, with maximum results achieved after fourteen days.


While anti-wrinkle injections give great results in the upper one third of the face, dermal filler is ideal for adding volume to lips, cheeks and minimizing wrinkles in the lower part of the face including lines or folds around the nose and mouth.


Muscle relaxing injections do not need to make the face look plastic, just refreshed!


Ask us how you can lose those unwanted and troublesome lines without disrupting your expressions and natural look. 

Refresh MD Spa - wrinke relaxing treatment results
Refresh MD Spa - wrinkle relaxing treatment results
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